The Airbnb API is constantly evolving to ensure it is up to date with the latest security patches. Once you have registered and set up an account with KeyNinja, please refer to the following steps to connect your Airbnb account.

Log in using KeyNinja Chrome Extension

Please ensure you are using Google Chrome as your browser. If you usually log in to Airbnb through Facebook or Google please click here.

1. Click here to download the KeyNinja Chrome extension. 2. Launch the extension on KeyNinja Connected Accounts page (click the puzzle icon to the right of the address bar).

3. Enter your Airbnb login credentials and click connect4. Airbnb will require you to verify your account through additional steps. This is normal.

5. Select your method of verification and hit send. Verify with the code that was sent to you. Once this is done, you should be able to connect.

When you’re connected on the KeyNinja Chrome extension, please refresh the page and you should see your account appear under Connected Accounts.

If you usually log in to Airbnb using your Facebook, Google, or Apple account

You'll need to create an Airbnb password to connect your account with KeyNinja.

  1. In Airbnb web page, click your 'Account' and select 'Login & security'
  2. Click on 'Need a new password'
  3. Enter your email and click 'Send reset link'
  4. Check your email and follow instructions to 'Reset your password', after that, you can log in to Airbnb through Google as well as through email.
  5. Lastly, connect your account with KeyNinja using the KeyNinja Chrome Extension

Connecting multiple Airbnb accounts

You can also connect multiple Airbnb accounts by logging in with the credentials in the steps listed above. Once you have the Google Chrome Extension installed, you will just need to click on the icon (to the right of the address bar) to launch it on the Connected Accounts page.

Managing your Airbnb account

Under Connected Accounts page, the configuration icons are located under the action column.

The pencil icon will bring you to your Edit listing page where you can merge and import your Airbnb listings.
The refresh icon forces it to sync to pull in new account information from your Airbnb account.
Use with caution! You can disconnect your account with the unlink icon. All bookings and information for this account will no longer be synced. Please note that all existing jobs will remain active under 'My bookings'.

Merge and Import your Airbnb Listings

1. Under Connected Accounts page, start by clicking the pencil icon under the Actions column to go to your Edit Listings page.

2. Select the property you want to merge or import, then click the manage button.

What is the difference between merge or import?

Merging allows you to combine an existing property with an Airbnb listing without affecting the set up you've already made.

Importing as a new listing will establish a new list of property in our system for your Airbnb listing.

Important! Always use "merge" when you have an existing property in your account. Creating multiple properties of the same address will create issues when it comes to jobs and payments.

Import a new property from your Airbnb account

  1. Select an Airbnb listing and click on the 'Import as new' button

  2. Click Confirm once you are ready

Merge a property with an existing property with a listing from Airbnb

  1. Select an Airbnb listing from the Selected Airbnb listings container and

  2. Select the property you want to merge with from the Existing properties container

  3. Click on the Merge button

  4. You will see a pop-up message for you to

    • Select the name that you would like to keep
    • Select the address you would like to keep
  5. Click on the Confirm button and you will see the property you have merged located in the Imported properties container.

Configuring your merged/imported property

  1. Select My Properties on the menu bar

  2. To configure your property, click on the edit button under the settings column.
  3. Toggle the services on/off or adjust the details to further customise the services. Remember to save your changes once you’re done.

Note: Toggling the services will automatically pull relevant bookings linked to your imported properties. For example, turning on key exchange services will only create key exchange jobs under your bookings.

How can I tell if the property is connected to Airbnb?

On My Properties page, if the property is connected you will see “Connected” under the “Integration” column and the email address of your Airbnb account under Connected Accounts

While editing your property, you will also be able to see a “Connected” label with an Airbnb icon next to your property name

Note: If your property is NOT connected, there will be no synced bookings in the KeyNinja system unless you manually booked them in.

Airbnb Sync issues

It is important to keep track and resolve all synced issues found on the Issues page. You can note the count of issues to resolve next to the menu link. There are 4 types of issues:

  • Token expired - Airbnb will refresh their token every once in a while to ensure your accounts are kept secure. You will need to follow the types to reconnect on KeyNinja.
  • Alteration - This occurs when your reservation when an alteration request has been made on your Airbnb platform. Please resolve the issue on KeyNinja platform to match the altered reservation.
  • Overlapping - This occurs when there are overlapping dates of 2 different reservations. This can occur when there is a previous booking made manually (not synced) and it intersects with a synced Airbnb booking.
  • Canceled - All synced cancellations from Airbnb will automatically mark KeyNinja bookings as “Cancelled”. You will also get an email sent to your email.

Note: KeyNinja will pull data from Airbnb at hourly intervals so it will take some time for new bookings to come in. If you need assistance with a last minute booking, please reach out to our support team.

Did we miss something? Not to worry! Just email our support team at