The Ninja app now makes it easy to create or join a team to complete missions together. Payments will be made to the team leader through weekly RCTIs.

Create a Team

Creating a team allows a group of individuals to work together. You get to be the team's leader and assign them jobs directly from the app.

  1. 'Create a Team' option can be found under the 'Do more with my account' section
  2. Insert the name of your team and ABN details
  3. Select your team's skills of interest. This can be skipped or updated later

How do I invite a team member?

There are two ways to invite people to join your team through the Ninja App

  1. You can show your QR code and let your team member scan the code
  2. Share the unique code displayed and let your team member input the code manually

Remember, each team member is required to have their own account! Please do not use the same account for multiple users. This will help us and YOU as the team leader to keep track of the accountability of every mission.

Join a Team

Joining a team allows you to become a member and part of a team. You will receive jobs from the team leader. To join a team, you will require a QR code or unique code to be invited into the team.

There are two ways to join a team

  1. You can scan the QR code shown to you by your team leader

  2. Request for a unique code from your team leader and input it manually

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