Pre-clean remote inspection 

Deep / Extra time
Report damages (if any)
Check for items guests left behind - to be brought back to base
Check for all keys left in property or lockboxes
Images of cleaned property with time stamps

All general areas 

Deep / Extra time
Tidying up
Dust and wipe down all visible and reachable areas

Clean high touch point areas - Door handles/switches

Remove all hand/finger marks on windows and mirrors
Arrange and straighten all decor/ornaments
Vacuum and mop all visible areas
Empty bins
Check if all lights are working
Remove cobwebs (reachable areas)
Clean ceiling fans and A/C unit
Clean interior windows (reachable areas)
Remove scuff marks on walls
Vacuum and mop areas under heavy furniture
Spot steam cleaning of small areas and fabric furniture
Excessive rubbish (e.g. cardboard boxes to be flattened)
Hard rubbish removal
Intricate styling after each clean
Clean exterior windows
High-reach areas that require a step ladder 
Carpet steam cleaning of entire rooms


Deep / Extra time
Strip beds and remove all used linen
Set up fresh linens and make beds 
Insides of wardrobes/cabinets (vacuum, quick wipe down)


Deep / Extra time
Remove all used towels
Set up with fresh towels
Replace all bathroom amenities
Clean/scrub toilets and shower areas

Wipe down vanities and benchtops

Polish tapware and chrome

Quick scum and mould removal

Ensure mirrors are streak-free
Insides of drawers/cabinets (vacuum, quick wipe down)

Checking and clearing of shower drain

Unclogging of heavily blocked drains 

Clean ceiling exhaust fans

Heavy scrubbing of tiles and deep-rooted mould

Regrouting and silicone seal replacement


Deep / Extra time
Replace all kitchen amenities
Wipe down benchtop, sinks, and surfaces
Wipe rangehood (exterior)
Clean/scrub stovetops

Wipe down all appliances (exterior)

Clean inside of the fridge and dispose of perishables (unless specifically advised)

Wash dishes

Empty dishwasher
Insides of drawers/cabinets (vacuum, wipe, and organise)

Clean exhaust fans/ rangehood filters

Soaking/scrubbing of heavily-soiled cookware

Unclogging of heavily blocked drains 

Kitchen cabinet doors (exterior)

Oven scrubbing and deep clean

Clean dishwasher filter

Living areas

Deep / Extra time
Tidy cushions and throws
Dust all electronics

Wipe down all surfaces


Deep / Extra time
Dust dryer and clear filters
Dust washer and wipe down soap tray

Wipe down sink and benchtops

Clean ceiling exhaust fans

Odour and mould removal


Deep / Extra time
Water plants - if any
Wipe down outdoor furniture

Clean BBQ machine and equipment

Wash outdoor floors, wipe ledges and surfaces

Wiping down interior and exterior glass doors and frames

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