As an independently contracted rider, KeyNinja will process payments through a recipient created tax invoice (RCTI). 

It is a tax invoice that is issued by the recipient of the goods and/or services rather than the supplier. To be valid, an RCTI must contain: the words ‘recipient created tax invoice’ stated prominently.

  • The name of the supplier

  • The ABN of the supplier

  • The name of the recipient

  • The ABN of the recipient

  • The date of issue of the tax invoice

  • The quantity of the goods or the extent of the services sold

  • A brief description of the things sold

The total price of the sale (including GST). RCTs can only be issued by a recipient if the recipient and the supplier are both registered for GST.

Every Friday accounts will release the week’s RCTIs into the dashboard, ninjas have to log in to dashboard using the same login credentials as their App. 

Please note that the amount displayed on "Estimated earnings" on your App is only an estimation. Please refer to your RCTIs uploaded through your dashboard to check your confirmed earnings. Using a desktop, please login to dashboard using the same login credentials as your App. For more information please contact

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