Depending on the property, location, and host preferences, different types of cleaning missions exist. Check the label and instructions thoroughly before accepting your tasks.


Turn clean
This is also known as a full clean. It involves cleaning and setting up linens and are done when there is a back-to-back reservation. Some hosts also prefer this set up so their property will always be ready for last-minute bookings

Check-out clean
A check-in out is part of the 2-step cleaning process. A check-out clean normally happens after the guests have checked out. It involves cleaning and stripping of linen.  

There is no need to provide linen and consumables so the keys for these missions can be taken the day before the clean is scheduled. This saves you a trip from having to go to a Dojo before starting your mission.

After stripping the dirty linen, they should be taken back to the dojo. 

If for some reason you are unable to, please pack them into a red linen bag and leave them on a hard surface, like the bathroom floor. Wet linens tend to leave a stain, so refrain from leaving them on a mattress, carpet or even wooden floors as it will cause mould to grow.

Once the Check-out clean is completed, please make sure keys are returned to the Dojo at your earliest convenience so your fellow Ninjas can collect it for their upcoming missions.

Check-in clean
A check-in clean is part of the 2-step cleaning process. 
A check-in is followed by the check-out clean. It involves setting up linen and consumables, and a quick inspection or a light clean of all visible areas. Your mission is to ensure the property is 100% guest-ready for the arriving guests.

Check-ins are usually bundled with Check-in cleans as these missions are back to back. Your mission is to meet the arriving guests so they can be verified and checked in. 
To be assigned check-ins missions, you will need to select "key exchange" as a skill and complete the Training Academy.

Check-out missions involve collecting the keys from a departing guest. These missions are booked for properties with only 1 key in circulation, hence they cannot be left inside the property. Check-outs are usually bundled with check-out cleans as these missions are back to back.

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