There are three important steps to complete your check-in mission.

  1. Verify guest ID by taking a photo.
  2. Hand over the keys after verifying ID and
  3. Provide general directions to entrance and parking as well as any other special instructions.

Verifying guest ID

This step is an important one as hosts rely on KeyNinja to keep their property safe from fraudulent bookings. 

  1. Do a quick eye check to see that the guest's face matches the one on the ID and that the name reflects the one on the app.


  2. Politely request for the ID: “May I take a quick photo of your ID with the keys" If they feel uncomfortable, cover their picture with your finger while taking the photo. 

    Not all types of IDs are accepted. Make sure it is a government-issued ID with a headshot, such as a driver's licence or a passport.

  3. Always double-check to make sure the ID is not expired. If anything doesn't look right, please contact our support team for further instructions.

  4. TAP the camera icon in the KeyNinja App 

    and make sure that all keys and remotes can clearly be seen, including the KeyNinja tag and the guest’s ID clearly showing their name and expiry date.

Key hand over

After uploading the photos, you may now hand over the keys. Keep in mind that keys are only allowed to be given to the guest when their booking name matches their ID. To avoid an unnecessary situation, do not provide keys when their ID does not match.

Relay all instructions

Before completing the mission, do a final check to confirm that all instructions have been relayed. Some missions will contain extra instructions. 

Such as: inspecting and taking photos of the property, dropping off extra amenities, replacing damaged items or even fixing broken furniture.

Often, guests will ask other property-related questions such as directions to parking and how to access the building. Most of the information can be found in the mission or found in their tracking link. Please refer them to their tracking link sent to their mobile number earlier. On the link, guests can find out about access, parking and WIFI details.If there is anything you are unsure of, politely remind them to contact their host for more information or contact our support team.

Please contact our support team as soon as possible if you require assistance.

When that's all done, swipe COMPLETE. Mission accomplished!

Did we miss something? Not to worry! Just email our support team at