Key Exchange job types and definitions
Initial key pick up: An initial pick up and most likely involves a "tagging" of the keys into the database: KN-B285, KN-B286, etc. Will involve initial photos as well. This job is usually picked up from the new user, and brought back to Ninja base, ready for the next task.

Ninja goes to Ninja base to get the key needed to meet guests at their time of arrival to property. ID photo is taken, and basic information such as parking, entrance, WiFi told to guests. Ninja does not go inside the building as this is just a 'streetside' check-in.

Ninja will either be coming from home, or already out and about to collect keys as guests leave. This is a simple meet up and photo of retrieved keys taken.

Ad hoc booking to collect keys from anywhere: could be from host, from cleaner, from guest. Non-standard booking because the check-in/check-out did not take place or guest left keys inside apartment and left, etc. Could also be a pick up from the cleaner who cleaned and kept the key with them and moved onto another clean.

Drop off 
Similar to pick up, it's an ad hoc booking to drop off keys anywhere: could be returning keys to host due to termination or give keys to cleaner so they have a cleaner set.

A lockbox is used in place of a meet and greet service. The cleaners will ensure the keys are returned to the lockbox and stored securely before and after their scheduled cleans. 

An ad hoc job is a customised job where you can book a Ninjas to complete additional tasks relating to the reservation. Some examples of an ad hoc job could be to dropping an extra keyset to guest or making a special purchase and delivery of items for guests.

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