Implemented by the Victorian, New South Wales, and Queensland Government

From Friday 28 May 2021, it will be mandatory for customer-facing industries that require checking-in to use the free Victorian Government QR Code Service.

Queensland Government has made this process mandatory from 9 July 2021 onwards.

New South Wales Government has made this process mandatory from 12 July 2021 onwards.

At KeyNinja, our mission is to help host improve their hosting experience and protect their properties. We aim to work hand in hand with Services Victoria to roll out this check-in process as seamlessly as possible. 

3 easy steps to get started

  1. Register your business based on where you are:
    • Service Victoria website 
    • Queensland Government website 
    • New South Wales Government website

  2. Register a new location for each property you manage

  3. On the KeyNinja dashboard, upload the unique QR code to each property here. Press "edit" and find the upload box next to your property name.

Ninjas will get guests to scan the code at check-in. The code will be shown on the KeyNinja tracking link where we encourage every guest to do their part to ensure all visitors scan the code upon entry.

Each property requires a unique QR code

So please make sure you Register a new location for every property you manage.

Uploading on the KeyNinja dashboard

On properties page, press "edit" to upload the unique COVIDSafe PDF (containing the QR code). This can be found next to your property name field.

Scanning at point of check-in

On top of performing ID verification, relaying instructions, and key handovers, our Ninjas will also have guests scan the QR on the spot at the point of check-in.

Where else can guests see the QR code?

On the KeyNinja tracking link, arriving guests will be able to see a COVIDSafe check-in tab where we encourage all guests to do their part to make sure all visitors to the property scan the code as uploaded by their hosts.


Please note that this feature is only available for hosts

  • With properties in Victoria
  • With have Key Exchange services (Check-ins) turned on
  • Has uploaded the QR Code for each individual property

Information for hosts (property managers/owners): 

? Information for guests:

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