Direct debit is now available through GoCardless and will be our preferred payment method. 

In your KeyNinja dashboard, click here to access My Account page. You can set up a direct debit from there.

Unlike with a bank transfer, you won’t have to remember to make future payments as we will now collect every 7 days straight from your pre-agreed bank account. 

Below are some of the payment changes you should be aware of once direct debit is in effect

  • A direct debit charge will be on every Monday straight from your pre-agreed bank account.
  • You will receive an invoice 7 days before each payment is taken and during this time you can raise a ticket if there were any issues with the amount.
  • Your direct debit payments are protected, so you’re guaranteed a refund if a payment was ever taken in error.
  • We will be building a page on the dashboard where you can see all your past and upcoming payments and invoice list.
  • All cleaning rates will be provided once your property is set up so there are no surprises when you get your invoice.

Did we miss something? Not to worry! Just email our support team at